New discoveries, Breasts Bigger Without Surgery Implants and Without Side Effects

Plastic surgery increasingly global trend. Some countries, such as Korea became one of the best plastic surgery centers. Because the results were perfect and changed drastically. Usually plastic surgery through the surgery and no injections or liquid silicone injections. But now there is a new method used in plastic surgery, ladies.

According alerts, plastic surgery now offers a new service that is becoming increasingly popular. With botox injection in the chest muscles make breasts bigger. The cost for the procedure you have to spend no less than $ 1000 (12.7 million).

Botox injections in breast technology involves the use of cosmetic fillers are popular in the muscles of the front surface of the breast that produces a calming effect. He is forcing the muscles of the shoulders and chest to take the main burden. As a result, the breast is more robust, tall and big. And breast augmentation can reach the whole bra size.

According to plastic surgeons, these procedures have been popular among celebrities who become customers. In the UK, Botox injections costing thousands of pounds (more than 19 crore per 1,000 pounds), and the effect of the injection procedure last up to six months. Patients beauty clinic especially appreciate the fact that breast augmentation with Botox does not leave scars on the body.

In fact, the scar not appear as Botox injections are virtually invisible, while according to the doctor, if normal breast enlargement using a scalpel or implants. This procedure requires no recovery time and no side effects and is virtually painless.

Treatment duration is only 30 minutes is considered ideal for women who suffer from breast ptosis after pregnancy and childbirth, aging or wrinkles in the neck caused by taking excessive sun.

So how do you think, ladies? Want to try? Consider the best, yes, ladies. natural breast augmentation