8 A Side Effect of Doing Breast Implants

Plastic surgery is not a taboo thing to do at this time. Many women who openly wants plastic surgery to improve the shape of the body and face or in order to have the body shape and beauty of the face is desirable.

One of the most common types of breast cancer than do women is the placement of breast implants. Installation is beneficial to make the breasts look beautiful and restrained. Implants placed in the chest made of silicone gel made of water or other similar saline brine.

Side effects that you should know before making breast implants as reported from boldsky.com.

1.One of the main risks of breast implants are leaking. Initial effects of leaking implants are dizziness, nerve damage, and nausea. The implants were leaking germs and bacteria that are injurious to health may also be introduced.
2.The implants made of artificial materials and your body has a tendency to reject foreign material from outside the body. The body can not tolerate the implant will react by causing chest pain, swelling and rashes.
3.The implants are man-made and the result could be a form of breast asymmetry. Instead, it will ruin the natural beauty of the breast.
4.Once you have made breast implants, you should perform regular maintenance to replace them every 7-8 years. This is to prevent leakage of the implant.
5.Breast implants in women can cause damage to blood vessels around the chest, because of the materials named neurotoxin in it.
6.Breast implant incision is not easy to get lost and cause scarring.
7.Breast implants have carcinogenic properties. Although it can not cause breast cancer, but can cause stomach cancer, lung cancer and other cancers.
8.Breast shape after going through the process of breast implants are not as good as the original form.
Plastic surgery is a personal right of every person. But make sure that before you do breast augmentation, you must understand good and bad trades that will do and do it legally.