3 Mistakes when Wearing Bra and How to Fix it

Although women who are already very familiar with his underwear, including bras, does not mean that all women know how to properly wear a bra. There are still many women who were obviously still we do not know how to use the right bra.

As herbeauty.co cited, here are some tips to use, store and pick the right and good support.

1. Check the length of the rope

Women often either buy a bra bra and found that narrow bought because the cable was not long enough. You also need to know that the use of a good bra is when the bra strap in the lower back, and did not look up as the example image.

2. Check the cup size bra

Many women want breasts look solid, full and swollen, but do not let you wear the bra cups are too small to cause this effect. It is precisely this type of bra is comfortable to wear and you torture her breasts. But also use a glass that is too big, they can not be well rested. Make sure the bra cup fits the size of your chest, as shown.

3. Hold pressing too hard

If the bra press too hard, there must be body parts, such as spilling or stressed. Either thin or fat from your body, it can happen. This is because the bra is too tight. It does not seem so fat, after all, certainly comfortable to wear. So, trying to loosen the bra strap on the shoulder that is not too tight. If the circumference of chest strap hard, you replace the bra.