Horrible Story After Breast Surgery

A sexy body and perfect also has always been a dream of every woman Ladies. One of the coveted part of the body women with ideal size is breasts. Breast containing the buxomand also considered to be the benchmark the sexiness of a woman.

This is what apparently made a lot of women want to have sexy breasts and desperate todo a variety of ways. Breast enlargement cream starts. treatment until their implants doplanting operations in order to look beautiful. But naaslah that even experienced by some of these women. Post breast surgery treatment and do they in fact suffered the terribleevents. Check out her story only here ya Ladies.

A woman named Cao rumored to grow feathers chest as he performs breast enlargementtherapy in the year 2012. Cao does breast enlargement because he was not confident with the size of her tits he considered small. He wanted to enlarge the breasts of cup B to c. Caowas undergoing a therapy and massage that cost $ 437 thousand Yuan or about eighthundred million more.

But unfortunately a terrible thing happened to him Ladies. Yann therapy is already runningmore than a year makes Cao suffered irritation and requesting terapisnya replace oil used.After making the changes turned out fine hairs appear which pretty much at her tits. "Even more black Fur from my eyebrows, grown in the area massaged. When held in the densefeel. It feels strange, "said Cao.

It turns out this is due to taking medications to Cao also pregnancy. This affects hormones and eventually grow the feathers on his chest.