The Influence Of Lifestyle And Breast Cancer Symptoms

Some of you will be thinking that many breast cancer caused by hereditary factors. Indeed,for many who suffer from breast cancer because of family history and age. However, thelifestyle that we apply also have an effect on breast cancer wait Ladies.

And then, how far the influence of someone's lifestyle affect the likelihood of developing cancer of the breast?

Lifestyle influences like smoking, alcohola diet high in fat, viral infections, and weanbreastfeeding too early can increase the chance of the occurrence of breast cancer sufferthough not yet known for sure. The possibility of exposure will be greater if the genetic riskfactors and other risk factors.

As for the common symptoms of breast cancer include:

Early symptoms include a lump that is usually felt different from the surrounding breast tissue, do not cause pain and usually has irregular edges.
At the initial stage, if driven by the fingers, a lump can be driven easily under the skin.
At an advanced stage, the lump is usually attached to the chest wall or skin around it.
In the advanced stages of cancer, could have formed a lump swelled or ulcers on the skinof the breast. Sometimes the skin over the lump mengkerut and looks like orange peel.
In addition, there are other symptoms that also shows the existence of breast cancer, such as:

A lump or mass in the armpit
Change the size or shape of the breast
Abnormal fluid coming out of the nipple (usually bloody or colored yellow to green, it might well fester)
Changes in the color or texture of the skin on the breast, the nipple and areola (dark browncolored area around the nipple)
The breast looks Red
The skin around the nipples scaly
The nipple was drawn into or itch
Breast pain or swelling of one breast.
At an advanced stage of bone pain can occur, weight loss, swelling of the arms orulceration of the skin.
Well Ladies, detect and prevent breast cancer early is very important. One of them withhealthy life patterns began to apply from now on!