Unique Fact About Breasts

Large size Bra
The average woman wearing a bra today are of such a size 34DD. larger compared with the average bra purchase 20 years ago with the same brand.

Wrong size of bra
Even so, according to a data, about 85 percent of the women turned out to bewearing the wrong bra size. It's either too small or even greatness.

Women's satisfaction
About 70 percent of women are dissatisfied with their breast size, according toresearch in the International Journal of Sexual Health. While the men? They're not toomemusingkannya.

Breast stimulation
As many as 82 percent of the women claiming to be aroused if her tits were played.While the rest speak mediocre, according to research in the year 2006.

Injury to the breast
Very normal if a woman suffered an injury when exercising. Based on research from the United Kingdom, one of three marathon runners also suffered the injury while practicing.

Breast movement
When the woman ran, breasts also moved and shook. Thus, women are encouraged to wear a sports bra while exercising in order to minimize the shocks.

The biggest breasts
World records noted that there is a woman with the largest breasts size is 177 cmchest circumference in 1999. What's interesting is that breasts are completely naturaland not plastic surgery ever!

The left and right breast
One of my breast size is usually larger. It is a normal condition and does not need to be concerned about.

Breast implant
Until the year 2012, there is still an awful lot of women who do breast implants in order to enlarge its size. But not all men like big breasts.

The invention of the bra
Did you know, new bra was created in 1914. Mary Phelps Jacob is the one whopatented bra women breasts support profit.

That's the strange facts about breasts. We recommend You the women keep breastbeauty by way of wearing the correct bra size!