Learn about the female character from the color of the nipples Tits

WOMEN from different countries have different skin colors. Likewise, breast nipplecolor they have.

Women from Western countries with indigo, skin color has pink nipples. While from Asia, mostly dark brown.

It turns out, from the color of the nipples, we can see the characteristics andpersonality of a person. For those of you who are already married, try to note the color of the nipple wife. Following this, there are a variety of colors of a nipple that showsthe characteristics of a person, which is reported by the Lapetitemania.

The color pale (pale pink)

Women who have a breast nipple slightly pale colored pink with big, a bit size has a soft and soothing properties. They love to serve others, and able to serve on his partner. However, if the breasts are pale in colour, they're likely to introvert, creative and dreamer. For small breasts they are shy, efficient and are also capable oforganizing something quickly.

Medium colors (not pale not dark)

These women tend to be confident, not afraid of voicing his opinion, never give upand always upbeat. However, for someone who has a small size and small nipples as well he is a man who focus toward something, soulless and competitive, trying toalways be aware of.

Dark colors

If you have dark colored nipples with big tits is a woman who has a good sense of humor, warm and loving. For someone with dark nipples medium breasted. He loved the outdoors, and loving atmosphere. However, for women who have small breastswith dark nipples, she is a vengeful excellent, not being able to get along well,irritability, and does not require a person at all.

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