Want To Increase BREAST MILK Production? Eat These Foods

With breastfeeding the best life you have given to your child. Provide exclusive BREAST MILKis able to help prevent disease in your baby, supporting your baby's ability to grow, enhancethe development of talking in addition to you that there are some of the benefits ofbreastfeeding to help prevent ovarian and breast cancer, to stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin which helps the bond between you and your baby.

This is food that is important for you to know to improve the production of BREAST MILK:

1. Garlic

Research has shown that when a mother using garlic in its cuisine can increase the amount of BREAST MILK her baby. Her BREAST MILK increased demand will also increase. Of thetypes of foods that boost the production of BREAST MILK, garlic is one of the easiest foodsto eat menu entered into you.

2. Spinach

Green vegetables are a traditional way to increase milk supply. Not only provide enoughnutrition but vegetables are able to digest. Green vegetables such as spinach are a source ofminerals and vitamins and Phytoestrogens are believed to increase lactation. Spinach is rich in protein, vitamin B6, thiamin, folic acid, calcium, potassium and vitamins your body needs.Vitamin B6 helps in providing preparation of your BREAST MILK production. In addition to that spinach is a source of folic acid which are essential nutrients for nursing mothers.

3. Nuts

Nuts is a healthy source of protein and is known to support the production of breast milk.Even in some countries is a very good payers snacks for moms who want to increase thesupply of milk. Almond and cashew nuts are the best nuts for you who are breastfeeding.You can also add it to sweet and savory dishes when bored to consume nuts nuts directly at least doesn't make you bored. In addition you can choose soy beans or processed soy beansthat assist you in providing the production of breast milk.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato and orange or red foods such as carrots and beets are rich in beta-carotenewhich increases milk supply. Besides the sweet potato leaves are also able to improve the production of breast milk. In the leaves of sweet potatoes contained substances substancelaktagogum which can help you in improving the production of breast milk. In addition itleaves sweet potatoes contain carotenoids and iron. If you want to use the leaves of sweet potatoes are advised to choose not to use pesticides, as if eaten will interfere with the health of your baby.

5. Leaves of Sauropus Androgynus

Katuk leaves contain laktagagum which turns out to be associated with increasedproduction of BREAST MILK, has even been used hereditary. In addition the content ofsteroids and polyphenols that may increase prolactin levels which is good for your health topeningkatann hormone levels by consuming the right katuk leaves. You can manipulate theleaves of sauropus androgynus appropriately so that its nutrition value does not diminish.Overcooked thus you lose nutrients contained in katuk leaves.

6. Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium and is believed can help increase milksupply. These seeds contain a lot of other useful nutrients like copper. For you who want toimprove the production of breast milk with sesame seeds you also use with how to make a mask by means of taking a scoop of sesame seeds and then mixed with one thumb kencurwhich is then pounded, you could have slathered on top of mammary glands that reproduceyour BREAST MILK.