This is The Reason Why Sleep Wear Bra Are Dangerous

Not only shutting down the muscles, during sleep the body undergoes repair anddetoxifying (removing the toxins). Sleep also gives an opportunity for the immune system to produce the hormones the immune system (immune).

Therefore, we recommend that you use a loose outfit or remove the underwear while sleeping, so as to speed up and streamline the performance improvement process in the body. For women should remove a bra while sleeping.

If you choose to sleep with a bra, then retain wear a bra that is not too tight and notstiff. This type of bra is indeed a personal choice, but choosing the wrong size and type can be bad.

Here are a few things that happen if women wear bra to sleep:

1. a lump
Cysts and bumps-non-cancerous lumps can be formed in any part of your body, Dr.John McDougall wrote in The McDougall Program for healthy heart shows thatwearing tight bra while sleeping causes inflammation. This allows the appearance oflumps.

2. the threat of cancer
Wear a bra while sleeping cause of breast cancer is still a topic of debate, there aredifferent studies related to this. Some call the wearing of tight bra while sleeping is a trigger breast cancer.

3. Sweating
Wear a tight bra while sleeping, especially in the summer, will make you sweat morethan usual. Luxury bra generally is the cause in this case, the bra is more safe andhealthy is made from cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester or linen.

4. Edema
If you are using a tight bra continuously, then it can cause lymphatic blockage. These include edema or fluid accumulation in the breast.

5. the Restless
Wear a tight bra while sleeping also makes uneasy at night due to the irritationcaused, this will cause discomfort during sleep and will ultimately affect your overall health.

6. skin irritation
Tighter Bra will cause irritation to the skin, it is better to use a bra without wire. SportsBras are considered a good choice to wear at night, this bra will give the necessary support to your breasts, without causing health effects.

7. sleep is interrupted
There is no doubt that a good sleep has a direct relationship with the level of comfortin bed, if you wear a tight bra, you will feel less comfortable so it disrupts your sleep.

8. Pigmentation
Continuous use of a bra, let alone the tight, will cause the associated problems of pigmentation. To avoid these health effects, use a bra is soft and loose.

9. Reduce blood circulation
Wearing a bra while sleeping can cause obstruction to the blood circulation, rather than wear a tight bra push-up or models when used to sleep, better choose sport brasare more comfortable.