The Shrine of The Breast in Japan

Ladies, Japan became one of the famous beauty spot. Many of Japan's uniqueness makes this country different from other countries. One of the uniqueness in Japan that does not exist elsewhere is the existence of many types of temples. Tourists certainly will not miss to visit the shrine while in Japan.

Well, there is a unique temple that exists only in two places in Japan. This temple is unique because it named Mama Kannon in Japan or Ryuuon Ji. In English, this temple has a nick name of the shrine of the breast.

Breasts indeed has always been the most interesting part of a woman. A woman considered to be sensual and more interesting if it had large breasts and beautiful shape.  the shrine is unique because most of the visitors are women who come there will bebegging for fertility and even pregnant women who seek to ease the birth of his son.

The name of this temple is Kannon. Kannon is the figure of Guayin which was seen as the goddess of compassion. So there is actually this breast shrine to worship the goddess ofcompassion. The temple is located in the beautiful region of Aichi and originally there was only one in Japan, but after many other temples there is finally dealt with a built in other regions called Kawasaki Kannon.

In addition to asking for fertility, the women who come also sometimes have a strange and unique requests. Some of them came to ask for the beauty and the breast forms they could be better. Well ladies, what do you think? Interested to visit this place?