Some Diseases Which can Strike the Breast

When performing a breast self examination and found a lump or change in texture in your breast, you should not directly deliver a verdict that the lump is cancer. This is becauseabout 80% of lumps are caused by other ailments on the breast which is not dangerous,and 20% are identified as cancer. As for the conditions that cause lumps such ascharacteristics of breast cancer are:

Breast Cysts

Hormone fluctuations during the menstrual cycle in some women by age 30 to 50 's, can create a breast cyst. Breast cysts are sacs filled with liquids whose emergence is not dangerous. This pouch will be enlarged in the mammary glands and surrounding tissues.Features of Breast Cysts is when we handle them feels as a lump that is smooth andslippery, like a water balloon. And in addition to the lump-shaped, these bumps can alsocause thickening of the breast tissue.

Breast cysts are usually grown on both sides of the breasts, the size and density of the fluidduring Your menstrual cycle. This type of cyst can be single or plural (multiple), which is close to the surface or deeper in the chest wall. If the cyst is located close to the surface, you more easily find and distinguish it from other lumps. But in a deeper, you certainly are more difficult to distinguish with the other bump-man hidden behind a layer of breast tissue that may be dense and hard.

Other diseases on the breast does not require treatment, but doctors can usuallyrecommend a medical action to eliminate it. Doctors can do a fine needle aspiration with aneedle. This procedure aims to suck the fluid from the cyst so make it deflated.


Fibroadenoma is a benign tumor that is commonly found on the breast of the woman. Its shape is spherical, solid bump, and chewy which move freely when pushed on the breastand usually only felt sick during the menstrual cycle. Cancer Benign Fibroadenoma is a result of the growth of milk glands (lobulus) and excessive breast tissue.

Fibroadenoma is often found in women with the age of 20 to 30 years. This Tumor doesn't develop into cancer and usually shrink themselves after the age of women above 50 years of age. It's hard to be sure that the lump is a fibroadenoma, not breast cancer. And the only way to verify it is taking or performing a biopsy to surgery. A large Fibroadenoma would make uncomfortable and can cause stress.

Papiloma Intraduktus

Papiloma intraduktus is non-cancerous little lumps in the breast milk ducts (ducts oflaktiferus). Papiloma Intraduktus looks like a small pimple-like bumps around the nipple.And if it is below the nipple, these bumps do not always feel/can we handle them.Papiloma intraduktus can be found on both sides of the breast and may cause a discharge of fluid nipple (nipple discharge). And because of the discharge nipple discharge is also a sign of breast cancer, you should immediately checked into doctors, when they experience symptoms.

This type of benign Tumor, usually appear in women age 45 to 50 years. This does not require Intraduktus Papiloma treatment, but if your symptoms are not quickly lost ordisrupted, the doctor may recommend doing surgical removal, the following network ductscontaminated laktiferus.

Fat necrosis

Other diseases on the breast fat Necrosis is the last one. This type of lump occurs due to trauma (injury suddenly) on the breast, even though you may not realize have experienced it. The Trauma causes the formation of clumps of dead fat which is not painful. Surgery and radiation in the breasts may also lead to necrosis of fat certainly will interfere with women's health.