International Go Topless Day

International Go Topless Day become a routine event that is celebrated by the women in the United States in particular, to demand equality with men. They staged a rollickingparade and walk away without wearing a bra so that any exposed breast free.

The annual action carried out since 2007 by an organization called Go Topless. The Organization was founded by a spiritual group called the Raelian Movement. They makethese organizations to demand equal rights. A right that is claimed is so that women could be seen just like men when performing a bare chest.

They feel there is an injustice because constitutionally, the men were allowed to toplesswhile women are forbidden. The organization also demanded that if their voices are not being heard, should men also wear tops that covered his chest while in public areas.

This year one of the locations where women celebrate freely without bra is Manhattan.Dozens of women staff with deploying looks marches around the city carrying a poster that reads the contents of their protests.

"New York is the ideal place to Go Topless so the first Pride Parade in the world. Since 1992, the city became one of the cities in the United States or in the world where the rights of a woman to be topless legally recognized, "said a spokesman from the Organization GoTopless in the NY Daily News was quoted as saying.

A Parade of women appeared without a bra from the Columbus Circle area at 14: 00 and proceeded to Times Square and Bryant Park. The March ended with gathered in a breast-themed bar in Brooklyn called Boobie Trap.

Besides New York, the celebration of free days this bra also conducted without the womenin Austin, Texas. As quoted from HLN TV, a dozen women were walking around in the Texas State Capitol carrying a poster containing the protests demanding equal rights for free to appear topless as a guy.