Don't be Lazy to replace, Use the same Bra Every day can Trigger body odor

People around often faces or closing the nose while passing near you? Maybe when that happens, your reflexes will be kissing the shirt or the armpit. Body odor problem is indeedoften make a shy and not confident to make. There are many causes, one of which is a lazychanging bra.

Maybe some women have one favorite bra. Either because its funny, comfortable to wear, or a gift from loved ones, always make you want to wear it. But do not let you wear the same bra every day up to days. Bras are always used without a replaceable and washablebody odor can trigger.

"A lot of women who are too often wear the same bra so infrequently washed because theyjust had a little bra that really fits," said expert Susan Nethero, bra, excerpted fromPrevention on Friday (5/9/2014).

The Bra is attached directly on the skin often sweats. Well, sweat mixed bacteria will causebody odor.

Noteworthy also, bra is attached in a body part that is easy to sweating the back, under thearmpits, around the chest and breast. Not only that, many bra made of materials thatcreate a smell inherent in the fabric, so that later it will cause body odor.

According to Nethero, using the same bra two days in a row is not recommended. Netheroreminds that a female body odor-free, then keep the freshness of the body, and change a bra every day. Even if the day is too hot that you become very easy sweating, you may needmore frequent changing bra.

Rarely change clothes in, especially for people who often sweats it will increase thehumidity. In this humid conditions some microorganisms can live well for example yeastPityrosporum, disease-causing fungus such as ringworm or fungal infections tinea kruriskorporis due to the cleanliness of the less noted.

Well, in order for Your long lasting bra, we recommend you wash it by hand. Can you washwith washing machine, but make sure the hook bra in the circumstances related to avoidtangling. Use a smooth detergent also, as well as the use of cold water. Please also enter the bra into the dryer, as this will make the bra is more easily damaged. You should hang the bra to dry it.