Breast Touch Festival in China

"Part of society China holds that when a single woman wants to be free from distractionsghosts, they should seek the help of other single men to touch their breasts."

According to the Chinese Lunar calendar called the Month of hungry ghosts, this month is not a good month for according to them, because this month they believed spirits-ghosts of the dead would be free to roam theEarth.

But they believe there's one way that the woman is not plagued by the ghost, who is askingthe men touched their breasts.

The residents in the city, Yunnan still Ejia single will follow Festival Touching the breasts on the 14th, 15th and 16th on this Ghost month. During these three days, the boys are allowedto touch the woman's breast.

According to experts, the local spiritual, this month the spirits of the dead cannot rest in peace, because they have never touched a woman before.

They wanted 10 girls ' untouched ' Holy and to accompany them to the world of death.Now that the women do not become targets of target, those aged 15 years and above will require the men to touch their breasts.

This culture is said to have been running since the Sui dynasty (581-619 Ad Year), wherewhen it's many youth of the Yi is killed in the battle. From the time that was, to the delight of the spirits of the dead but still this ceremony began routinely conducted and passed onfrom generation to generation.