What Makes The Breast Pain?

Breast pain usually caused by hormonal changes. Fortunately, after mother's body used to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, breast pain will fade away.

The cause of the pain is because during pregnancy, the mother's breasts enlarged as a result of the development of mammary glands and blood supply is increased. Don't forget, adjust the size of the bra with tits Mom now. A Bra that does not fit can also cause pain.

create a comfortable breast Mom

Bra fitting is a panacea to resolve breast pain. When you need to use a special sleep bra for expectant mothers. The Bra is really comfortable, will make Mom comfortable as well.
Especially now that many places that serve the making of appropriate size breast bra MOM.

Don't forget, use a special bra while Mom doing gentle exercise. And don't hesitate to saythe husband when the mother's breast is not quite comfortable to the touch.