Unique Bra, Closes Automatically if there is a Naughty Hand

Japan is famous for its technology innovation, recently produced a smart braThe Bra was given the name "True Love Tester" it is the result of collaboration betweenRajivour with a number of specialist sex in Japan. Bra will automatically open if its users are in love and would close the meetings if there is the hand of the ignorant.

Passing form the bra does not differ from a regular bra, but inside the bra, had planted awireless chip and sensor devices if users "fall in love" then the bra will be automaticallydisconnected by itself. 

The Sensor that has been planted in the bra will detect the heartbeat of its users, from it can be known whether its users are feeling scared, nervous, excited or are in love.

According to the author, the bra company purposely created to protect the women from themen, masher because if users feel uneasy or frightened, the bra will lock up very fast and will not be easily removed for granted.

Whereas if users feel falling in love or being romantic with her partner want to then the brawill be disconnected automatically by itself.

To give users ease, the bra comes with a wireless device that can be hooked up with the smartphone application to analyze the heartbeat of its users are also provided with the lock button to take off the bra using bluetooth.