The Origins of Brassiere

Bra/brassiere is the undies are made from a pair of Bowl-shaped fabric with shoulder strapto support the breast

The creation and use of a bra has a long history that can be traced back to the Minoancivilization of Crete and many thousands of years ago. Around 2500 BC, the breast is beingadmired. And women, wear a bra to lift their breasts

Roman women also wear some kind of bandage to wrap their chest while exercising. Beingin Asia, the earliest records of clothing similar to bra found in China.

There are a number of prototype bra during the middle ages. During the Edwardian, bra is referred to as "the sexiness booster for the woman". The word ' brassiere ' means 'support '.Brassiere from France, was first used in Vogue in 1907.

Before the era of bra, corset used many women in Europe from the 16th century until the end of the 19th century. The corset was introduced by Catherine de Medici, wife of KingHenri II of France, in the mid-15th century. The bodice is very agonizing because of stomachpain in the making, chest and back.

Mary Phelps Jacob, an American socialite, began introducing the first modern bra in 1910.then Mary intend wearing evening dress. But Mary discovers that her corset, thus ruining the shape of the dress she wore, she makes underwear from two silk handkerchiefs togetherwith Pink Ribbon. This design became popular in the circles of Association, Jacobs and thenpatented in 1914.

in 1935, the standard size bras were introduced. Sizes are labeled A, B, C, and D, with dbeing the smallest size and largest D