The Need For Breast Care In Pregnant Women

Tits of pregnant women should be treated carefully because it is a major source of food for the baby. That is why doctors advise pregnant women to massage regularly on her tits. It aims to facilitate the discharge of breast milk in the future. A regular massage stimulates thebreast milk would flow smoothly. It is because it's not all mothers breastfeed her baby gets a chance to smoothly.
Not the least problematic first time breastfeeding. That is why this must be prevented in order to not become a stumbling block in the first days of the presence of the little one.Breast massage will strengthen and limber up nipples. Massage is not meant to speed uppregnancy but only to improve breast milk. Massage should only be done once contententers the age of 7 months upwards. Under age pregnancy, never done it for fear it willprovoke contractions.
In addition to massage, breast pregnant women should also be cared for properly. This should be done to minimize the problem when the baby is born later. Admittedly, the process of breastfeeding is sometimes not easy. Especially when the new babies first. No previous experience could make anxious and giddy the MOM. In the moments leading up toand after childbirth is a moment full of psychological burden for a woman. If it is not dealt with properly, can result in stress or depression pascapersalinan.
Pregnant Breasts-How To Care For The Breast While Pregnant
  1. Breast Nipple Massage gently while bathing. No need for too long, just 10 minutes away.Do with routine each time you're washing the body with water.
  2. If the breasts are very sensitive and feels pain when touched, don't give up! Use the help of baby oil or olive oil.
  3. In the last trimester of pregnancy, pijatlah aerola and surrounding areas with a gentlemassage every opportunity
  4. use warm water and a cotton swab to clean the surrounding nipples pregnant women. Do not use SOAP as it will make the area surrounding the nipples become dry.
Do breast nipple care of expectant mothers regularly. This is because this section is not to be missed. Unfortunately, most people missed this part of the treatment. In fact, good maintenance will prevent future problems while sucking.