How to keep the Breast to avoid breast cancer

The Data showed the breast cancer is a cancer killer No. two after cervical cancer. Nine out of ten of the women were willing to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of breast cancer.Actually, a lot of research is still needed to understand the causes of breast cancer andcompletely. But there are certain measures for any woman can do to help reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.

1. Alarm for yourself

More than 90 percent of breast tumors detected by the women themselves, so keep an eye on changes in your breast should be an essential part of every woman's health care. Also note the changes that occur in the breast, usually the presence of lumps and swellings are accompanied by pain in the long run. You can use the mirror to make sure your breastchanges. Giving their time to examine your own breasts so if you have things that are notnormal you can immediately consult a doctor.

2. breast feeding

To you who just had a baby, we recommend to provide exclusive BREAST MILK feeding for with you'll lower the risk had a huge hit by breast cancer. This opinion is based on the theory that breast cancer associated with estrogen hormones. Many researchers believe thatmuch of the body that are exposed to the hormone ekstrogen then the greater the risk ofcancer of the breast. With breastfeeding then can reduce estrogen levels for women, the causes of breast cancer.

3. find out family history

If you have a family history of breast cancer then you must be alert. This possibility will be increased two-fold to you suffer from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that can be caused by genetic or derivative. It is estimated that one out of five hundred men carry the faulty gene that could make them vulnerable to disease, including breast cancer.

4. reduce your intake of alcohol

Unhealthy lifestyle causing some types of diseases attacking you. Do not cover the possibility of the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Alcohol has been linked to breast cancer in numerous studies. Researchers believe this may be due to the fact that alcohol increasesestrogen levels.

5. keep the balance weight

Obesity appears to increase the risk of breast cancer. The researchers found that womenwho took the 22 kg-25 kg after age 18 had a 40 percent higher risk of breast cancer. It is therefore important for you to keep your health especially balance weight. You can start itby consuming a healthy food and drinks especially avoid junk food that has a high fat content. The study showed that with foods that contain high fat will create a high risk of developing cancer of the breast.

6. Sports

Exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is because studies show that the less youwork out, the higher the level of estrogen in the body. Half an hour exercise routines three times a week is good for health can decrease the risk of breast cancer.

7. regularly check with your

If you have a history of breast cancer then you can consult to doctor in order to avoidbreast cancer. It really isn't just for you who have a risk of breast cancer for all women, however, it is important for health checked.For you who have entered the age above 40-50years. This is because given the fact that happened eighty percent of breast cancer casesoccur in women over 50.