About Breast Pregnant

Breasts of pregnant women naturally vary with the condition of women who are not pregnant.The prominent size of course. When someone is experiencing pregnancy, her breasts will enlarge automatically than usual. This condition is something that is very commonplace andoccurs during the period of pregnancy. In fact, the breast is a part of the body of a woman who is very special.
Breasts are a very sensitive part of the body and become one of point stimulation in sexual intercourse. The breast has a complex physiological structure. There are fatty tissue andmammary glands in the breast and usually begin to experience changes when someone enters the age of puberty. Breast size enlargement begins to occur slowly. At the time of a woman contains, similar things will happen. It's just that breast size is usually pregnant mothers will be back to normal after after nursing.
The enlarged pregnant breasts may cause inconvenience yourself for a woman. In additionto changing the size of the bra, not rarely also there who complain of feeling pain. Not a fewwomen who become panicked in the face of this problem, especially for those who are facingfirst pregnancy.
Tits pregnant women feel pain due to hormonal changes. In addition, it can also be causeddue to the development of mammary glands and increasing the supply of blood to thebody. Sometimes also caused the bra size not breathing use. If it feels the pain, will certainlygive rise to its own discomfort on the expectant mother. Complete various other complaintslike morning sick.
If you feel pain, you should seek immediate action for breast comfort to expectant mothers.Instead, immediately replace the commonly used with bra bra specialty maternity soft. Wecan get them easily in the market. Or may be specially ordered with disiasati. If a specialorder, can comfort factor certainly higher because all created as desired.
In addition, we recommend that you avoid bra made from lace. Although his performancebecomes less nice, but pregnant women should forget for a moment about the appearance.Bra can be used as another option is sports bra that does not have a seam in the front. Thismodel is quite comfortable Bra wear.
Breast nipples pregnant women also sometimes change color. Breast nipples being darkerthan that usually or chocolate. Breast Nipple, also known by the term aerola. What was thecause of the discoloration on the aerola this? The color change is part of the hormonal changes that occur in the body.
In addition, the color change aerola is one sign of the greatness of God. He created it not without intent. With dark aerola, newborns would be easier to find his mother's nipples andsuckle. Because the baby has a very limited ability to focus vision. With color a dark aerola, allowing baby to recognize her mother's breast nipples.
When entering a period of sixteen weeks into pregnancy, breast pregnant women have already started to prepare for breastfeeding infants. Breast milk contained therein containsimportant substances for the body of an infant, such as protein, iron, sodium, fat, and anti-infective. This is a very content baby if needed had to be born prematurely.
When the content enters the age of twenty-four weeks, blood flow to the breasts alsodoubled the amount. And this condition will continue to be volatile until the eve of the birth of the newborn baby. Why this way? This is one way to support milk production to continueuninterrupted runs smoothly. So, pregnant women have breasts prepare themselves by themselves.
When entering the age of the content of the final trimester, breasts pregnant womenalready exist which began producing milk actively. This means that the breast is alreadyremoving the breast milk even though there is still very little. But had to wait until the birthactually occurred. Do you know if it turns out to be pregnant breasts can be utilized to accelerate the process of childbirth?
However, before implementing the breast nipple stimulation of pregnant women, shouldconsider a few things first.
 Expectant mother to have a healthy pregnancy
 Already approaching labor time
 Performed with the correct technique
The three terms above can not ditawar-tawar again. So, if you are at risk of pregnancy,never do breast nipple stimulation of pregnant women. Pre eklampsia, diabetesorhypertension is a disease that many pregnant women suffered. It makes pregnancy high-risk. So, don't ever do a breast nipple stimulation if it is in such a condition.
When pregnancy is still a long way from the time of delivery, not allowed to do on the breast stimulation of pregnant women. Why is this so? According to its functions, this willstimulate