11 Signs of pregnancy (the signs of a young pregnant woman) Who Must Know

An early sign of pregnancy it must be something that needs to be known by every woman asvery important. Pregnancy itself is a time where women carry embryos in her uterus.Pregnancy is the most awaited time  wait by married couples because it into somethingdelicious waiting for the presence of a fruit of the heart, they will be more enthusiastic in every development.

For a wife to know characteristics  characteristic of pregnancy is a very important thing, even though every woman will feel the sign  the sign, but knowing as a whole is indeed very important to you the women. If you do not know what traits  the hallmark of a pregnant woman, here there are some defining feature:

1. tender and swollen Breasts
Signs of early pregnancy can be seen from the changing shape of women's breasts. In pregnant women the breast will feel pain and tingling and payudarapun also change form is larger because the process of being able to provide breast milk. The breast can also be moresensitive yet, but not all pregnant women experience this. Change the colors in the colorblack will be more aerola. So if there is a change in your breast, you should perikasakan to the nearest midwife.

2. changes in body shape
The women who are pregnant yangpaling visible benutk body most notable change is in the abdomen, but actually not only on the stomach only. Body changes when you are pregnantis on the part of the thigh, and on the buttocks, which also swell. So you are also required tobe observant to tuned in to your body's changes.

3. frequent urination
When pregnant, fetal position position will be increasingly pressing the bladder urine is sodepressed and increasingly being out. So you'll often urinate when compared to usual.

4. Easily fatigued
During early pregnancy, the body will easily feel tired because of the new being in your body. The hormone progesterone increases that could be one reason. And fall of blood sugar levels and blood pressure decreases. So you will be carried away into a more lazy malasan.

5. nausea and vomiting
During early pregnancy is usually a sign  the sign often seen is often nausea. Nauseaduring pregnancy has indeed become a regular thing, it happens because HCG is increasingand causing thinning in your stomach and make you feel frequent nausea. Not to mentionyou will also be more sensitive on the smell of some foods and makes you feel rather enekand want to throw up. So am afraid if you don't need to experience it like this because it's been okay.

6. Late menstrual
Many of the women who were married to mark the arrival of pregnancy through menstrualterlambatnya. Terlmabatnya menstruation can indeed become the foremost trait when you are pregnant. But not all late menstruation could mean pregnant, could have been due tostress, diet, etc. Or you could have a small bleed, if indeed such a check with your doctorimmediately so that you do not know the cause.

7. Mood changes
Mood changes you will feel when you are experiencing early pregnancy. Maybe a bit you'll feel pleased but then you feel angry or annoyed just because some are trivial. You don't need to be concerned with the mood changes like that, it is not a psychiatric disorder but is very reasonable. Mood changes occur due to hormonal changes, so this is a very reasonablething for you because of the new hormones in your body.

8. Abdominal Cramps
When you are pregnant early you may be created hurt by stomach cramps, that's a very reasonable thing for once. Stomach cramps will be lost when you have entered a secondmonth, but did not immediately disappear for granted. Stomach cramps will be lost whenthe stomach is located in the middle and was arrested by the hips.

9. Disorders dizziness
Dizziness disorders will you feel when pregnant, this happens due to an increase in bloodredah, tirednauseous it all will cause you to feel dizzy. This will be a distinctive pregnantmost often felt by moms  pregnant women.

10. back pain
If you are really pregnant, then sign the next pregnancy would you feel is pain in your lower back. This will occur until you will give birth. So you have to start to get used to the painpunggun and began to enjoy it all.

11. pregnant women are usually sensitive to smells
Usually you won't hold it against some kinds of smells, like the smell of certain foods that I was so not not to sweat it out, could cause you nausea and vomiting. That's why we often see pregnant women that mua-vomiting.

All this information from us about the sign  the sign of pregnancy. If you're feeling thething  something like above, you can start to check it out with your doctor or midwifenearby. knowing the traits  characteristics of pregnancy is very important for you as a woman. Hopefully this can become a useful thing for you.