Extreme Ways to Make Breasts Bigger!

Extreme Ways to Make Breasts Bigger!

When gels, creams and botox still relied upon by some people who want to raise breast, this time Khemmika Na Songkhla, a beautician from Thailand introduced an extreme way of raising breast. How he uses NOT use any operation, NOT with any cream or gel.

So what, then?

The technique introduced Khemmika, as reported by the Shine is referred to as Khunying Tobnom. A technique of breast slapping parts which reportedly can make breasts bigger. Actually this treatment is offered not only to enlarge the breasts, but also improve some other body parts as well as the face.

A visitor admitted that after passing four times the treatment of face slapping, a drastic change in his face, without surgery.

While visitors are doing once treatment breast slapping, can increase the size to 1 level above its current size, in a way that instant. Khemmika breast will measure the customer prior to treatment and after treatment.

Khemmika also said that this method has actually been done in the days of our ancestors. However, in ancient times the parents are not too concerned about the size of one's breasts, so this technique is not widely known.

The study of even this technique has been done. The result is that this method may be almost the same as the massage that collect fat in some parts of the body and is directed to the desired spot. Effectiveness of this technique in the long term, research results have not been found. What is clear, through a survey conducted on visitors, they would feel the pain after the treatment.

And you need to know, Khemmika will refuse visitors who have chest is too small, because he thinks it will be difficult and his methods will not show the maximum results.