Unique Ways Can Trust Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery (2)

Gum therapy 
Unique Ways Can Trust Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery

In Japan, enlarge breasts just as easy as chewing gum. Chewing gum sold under the brand 'Suplitol Pueraria Gum' is claimed to help enlarge women's breasts. 

The gum works as an additive derived from a plant called Pueraria mirifica. In addition to increasing the size of the breasts, chewing gum is also claimed to increase vaginal secretion and improve the skin.

Ringtone Therapy 

Dr.. Hideto Tomabechi originating from Japan, has spent 15 years making ringtones with a baby crying. In 2008 he also managed to combine two things, sounds and breasts. He created ringtones that can enlarge breasts, called 'Rock Men'. 

According to Dr. Tomabechi, when women listen to ringtones crying baby, the brain will work instinctively switch to 'mom mode', making breast milk becomes filled with fluid, thereby increasing its size.

Enlarge breast through hypnotherapy 

Ashley Weller (26) are not satisfied with the size of her breasts. Then he went to a hypnotherapist and bia sure his condition improved. After three hypnotherapy sessions, Ashley felt her breasts grew from 36C into 36E. 

Mother of two children said that he did not flat-chested women. But according to Ashley, her breasts are too small for his body. Moreover, she felt her breasts getting down.