Sundries Reveals Breast Cancer

Sundries Reveals Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that is best avoided by all women in the world . This disease slowly eroding our bodies. for it penhetahuan about breast cancer we need to know .

based explanation of Breast cancer arises because the body produces cells that are needed. but unfortunately the uncontrolled cell growth and cell form a solid called the tumor.sel grow abnormally are too long will cause cancer. A person suffering from breast cancer because the cancer cells will continue to grow in the breast tissue and the cancer cells spread to other parts around the breast, even to other organs. It is also called the spread of metastases.

Breast cancer not only affects women only. Because the fact is, breast cancer cells can also affect men. Lack of information and awareness of breast cancer that makes a lot of people new to treatment after being at a severe stage. The main cause of breast cancer is not known with certainty until today. However, the following described triggers of breast cancer:

  • Genetic factors. Genetic factors are one of the causes of cancer. risk for esophageal cancer is greatest when relatives affected by cancer. 
  • Age is also a factor of the growth of cancer. the risk would be greater if the woman was the age of 40 years
  • Over weight
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Unhealthy diet
the symptoms of breast cancer that usually arises among them:
1. Exit or reddish clear liquid from the nipple
2. Occurred changes in the size and shape of the breast
3. Emergence lump around the breast after menstruation
4. The breast skin turns into reddish or inflamed
5. Breast skin becomes scaly and wrinkled

Well Ladies, should you frequently examine early before the situation gets worse. What's more when you feel the above symptoms.