Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size

Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size

Breast is one of jewelery owned by women; This body was also owned by the men but the form and function of the breast in women essentially different from those of the men. The change is influenced by the shape of a woman's breasts are developing estrogen hormone levels as we age and the woman becomes an adult. Basically; a woman 's breast size is influenced by genetic and faktr factors-other factors, however there are various ways that are often used by women in order to get the breast size and shape is more aesthetically pleasing or attractive. As one of the many ways to enlarge breast practiced among others by using techniques-traditional techniques.

The use of natural ways to enlarge and beautify the shape of the breast can be the simplest option because it only requires materials-materials that are easily obtainable; besides the use of materials-natural ingredients will not adversely affect organ-specific organs and the person's overall health condition. The traditional way of enlarging breasts can involve several methods such as eating certain foods or ingredients, using certain herbs as part of the care of the outside of the body and practicing techniques-specific massage techniques made ​​to stimulate growth and make the shape of the breast becomes more beautiful and ideal.

There are several types of foods or food ingredients that can be incorporated into the daily diet because it has many healthful properties and provide a positive effect on the growth of a woman's breasts. This is one way to enlarge breasts naturally that anyone can try. Some foods or food ingredients have been that good nutrition because it can increase estrogen production or positively impact the health of skin and body tissue growth. Some types of food that is recommended for consumption because it can increase the production of estrogen and hormone levels are soy products and nuts - Nuts others, dairy, grains-whole and also some kind of spices - spices sepertu ginger, oregano and cloves. Nuts - Nuts and especially soybeans contain fiber and are high in iron and has the effect of increasing estrogen levels naturally.

Milk into food that is recommended for consumption because it contains nutrients that are good for the body and can increase levels of the hormone estrogen. Seeds-sesame seeds like sunflower or pumpkin seeds can also be consumed to increase the levels of estrogen in the body. The increase in the hormone estrogen in the body, especially in infancy characteristics-female secondary sexual characteristics can help the growth of breast size. In addition to enlarging the size; consumption of food-healthy food can also help breast obtain the ideal shape and healthy women who consume them. All foods can be a source of natural estrogen can be consumed as a way how to enlarge breasts naturally.

Some herbs for breast care from the outside, among others, is to create a kind of mask that will be applied on the surface of the breast; This is one way of enlarging breasts that no negative effects on the body. One is to use a breast mask materials beans as much as 4 or 5 and then thoroughly washed and pounded until smooth. Chickpea collision was then applied to the surface of the breast for about 30 minutes; This procedure can be done every day because herbs are easy to make and requires only easily obtainable materials.

The use of cream conditioner on the surface of the breast skin with moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter to keep the breasts supple and elastic. This procedure can be added as part of a way of enlarging breasts and beautify the shape of the breast in a natural way. Cream with natural ingredients is safe for use on any skin type because it does not contain an element - an artificial chemical element that often trigger allergies or skin irritation when used. Another herb that can be tried creams is vitamin E oil to mix with yogurt and eggs when applied to the skin surface of the breast to be massaged in a circular manner for 15 to 30 minutes; use warm water to clean the herb cream after use is considered sufficient.

Cream or other traditional breast mask that can be tried as one way how to enlarge breasts and doing breast care so tight, supple and soft skin is to use cucumber, cream buns and egg whites. Take one cucumber and one egg and then add cream to taste bread dough and then masks made ​​using a blender; wipe with a twist on how to massage the breast skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes before cleaning with warm water. The other way is to enlarge the breasts with breast massage method; This method of breast massage can be done by yourself in a way that is quite simple. Perform this procedure the breast massage for about 30 minutes before going to bed; do massage rotate clockwise in the right breast and massage rotate anti-clockwise in the left breast. Do the twist rhythm and do not touch the nipples while doing the twist. This massage can stimulate and train the muscles - the muscles that support the breasts become more powerful in order to be able to support the breast. In addition; try not to sleep in the prone position; select the supine position or tilted so that the breast is not depressed during sleep.