It Necessary Both Breasts Removed After Cancer Indications?

It Necessary Both Breasts Removed After Cancer Indications?

Women who have had breast cancer in one part are faced with difficult choices . They had had to choose to mengangangkat breast cancer or who have lifted both. A study suggests that most women choose to have both breasts at once. whereas removal of the healthy breast does not help .

Women who are diagnosed with cancer in one breast are often faced with difficult choices. They have to decide to lift the affected breast cancer, breast or two at a time. A study found that the option to remove the two breasts at once too often taken by women, whereas removal of the healthy breast actually can not improve the patient's chances of survival.

Women who have certain mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2, or women who have a family history of cancer is usually recommended to do a double appointment or a double mastectomy. Efforts are made to avoid the return of the cancer attacks.

Unfortunately, many women who underwent a double mastectomy when not at high risk. As many as 69 percent of women who undergo surgical removal of the healthy breast has no known family history or genetic risk. Meanwhile, only 25 percent of women with a high risk recommended to undergo a double mastectomy.

"Women seem to worry about the cancer will recur in the future so choose to do a double mastectomy. 's Actually absurd. Because that does not get rid of breast cancer will not reduce the risk of recurrence in the affected breast, "said study leader, Sarah Hawley, who is a professor at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Hawley and his team have examined 1,447 American women with an average age of 59 years. The women were diagnosed with cancer stage 1-3 on one breast. As it turned out, nearly eight percent of participants had undergone a double mastectomy. While those who underwent surgical removal of the lump is as much as 58 percent.

Researchers found that women with higher levels of education tend to choose to do a double mastectomy due to fear of breast cancer will merembeti healthy. The tendency of women to perform a double mastectomy has doubled in the last decade. In fact, the method can increase the risk of postoperative complications and requires a longer recovery period.

Explain the tendency of women who often decide to do a double mastectomy, Shoshana Rosenberg and Ann Partridge of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, explained the cause is emotional factors women. The women often suffered emotional struggles after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer.

"Anxiety and fear they inhibit a wise decision. Double Mastectomy is excessive measures for women without clinical indication., But the choice it may be appropriate for some women who do it at random to reduce the risk, the beauty factor, or other emotional reasons, "explained them in an editorial, as reported by AFP and written on Thursday (5/29/2014)