How to Choose the Right Bra: 5 Steps

How to Choose the Right Bra: 5 Steps

If you want to buy a bra, in addition to selecting materials and models are comfortable to wear, the following 4 steps to choosing the right bra:

1. Choose a secure strap              

Thick shoulder strap that will sustain a better bra. It is important for the overall shape of a bra especially for bras with cup sizes D and above. The use of the strap should be adjusted so as not to suppress or make skin abrasions.

2. Select the correct cup 

Choose the right bra cup size, which is really fitting and load the whole shape of the breast, do not make breasts poking into the top, right side, left, or down. The ideal bra is a bra that has a cup-shaped breasts and are highly supportive. Do not underestimate the seams because seams that can provide maximum suport. If your bra fit properly then when you sit down, you do not change the position of the bra

3. Check the underwire his 

Underwire bra is supposed to make the shoulder strap free from pressure by supporting the breast from below. Underwire also be fitted with ribs and did not make the breast blisters

4. See the gasp

The middle part of the bra (the part that connects the two cups in front), should be located parallel to the sternum, leaving no gap between the torso and bra. If her gasp stand in the middle, it means the bra is too small, try a larger cup size

5. Check the back 

Strap the back should be straight and true lies beneath the scapula (shoulder blade back) in order to provide maximum support. When pulled up, meaning they will be too big bra size. If it feels tight, meaning it needs a larger cup size, bra size not larger.