Breast shape and nature of Women

Breast shape and nature of Women 

Breast shape and nature of Women

Not only well-known in the field of feng shui, the Chinese culture is also known by a variety of art even predict a person's body parts also include unpredictable to see someone's personal character and fortune. Breast example, Elders tionghoa use these forecasts to seek law. As with any form of the breast can predict the nature and character of the woman? following his review friend.

Plump Breasts
Plump breasted women never put up with serious ties. Sometimes he does not care about other people's feelings, but on the contrary, if a woman is already bound in marriage, so she likes taking care of her family including material needs and honest in her husband's family.
From the outside this woman looks like a good and responsible man, but in his heart despite his emotional outbursts only facing a trivial problem. Bodied macho men and submissive is the desire of this plump breasted woman.
Breast Landscape
The jovial nature and independent woman. Unfortunately, this woman likes to brag and exaggerate the problem. More crazy again, this woman is easy to get angry, do not like to be restrained but quick to help others in need of help. This woman could have been honest and berterusterang when they deal with things emotionally draining. Although women usually do not live in luxury, but he's including frugal woman. Because he was bored if their partner should be in addition to any time, so she likes to show her independence. best friend at the same time he could duplicity. The man who became the first child does not fit in with this woman. The first child has a controlling nature. because her marriage was not a pleasant thing. Strangely, when he married he would change.

Flat Breasts
The owner of this flat chest greatly appreciate the freedom and believe in the theory of the individual. These women often experience conflict with themselves or anyone but this woman easily able to seek resolution of his problems. This woman is talented in art, such as interior decorating, crafts, cooking, and keep animals. The man who fits this woman is a patient man and did not talk much. Because these women prefer a little talk and a lot of work, although this stubborn woman full of warmth, love, and trustworthy.

Breast Up Move Up
This type of woman is very easy to set up, faithful to their partners, always alert, and like the person who speaks to the point. These women tend to prefer men who suit the criteria. Because once he falls in love, then she will be faithful to their partners. even he does not mind if her husband asked her to become a housewife and take care of her children at home. Men looking for women is a man who has a sense of humor and have an open personality. To choose a life partner, this woman would not judge from the property, but the man's family background.

Breast Cones
Words fail never entered the dictionary this cone-breasted woman. Women's sports hobby, read a book for literature and art, so he is very eager to hold in order to increase his experience adventure. This woman matched with people who can understand him, because he does have a selfish nature and free to do anything.

Breast Aerolae Width
Women who have aerolae wide area, tend to be masculine alias tomboy. generally, this tomboyish nature gradually disappears when this wanta paruhbaya age, and he was willing to dress feminine. But this woman does not like pressure or restraint from others. It is very difficult for him to be humble in front of others, because self-esteem or high prestige. He likes to compare between friends with each other. Men that are suitable for women who can be trusted and has always been at his side when hard and happy.

Large Breasts
The lady owner is a woman's large breasts are not like restrained his freedom, so he supports freedom and independence. This is easy for a woman to start a relationship with a man, because he likes to greet everyone with a warm, friendly and open. You will engage in intimate conversation although only knew. Additionally friend, he also has extensive thought, humble, and kind, while his philosophy is life is short. But he did not hesitate to forgive others who never made a mistake to him. This woman aspires to marry a man who respects the freedom of an active lifestyle and love. Male idol is a man who is responsible, and willing to share a common problem.

Breast Down
The owner is very sensitive breasts. He will feel betrayed if her lover does not respond to the attention given by certain cues. Furthermore, he would cry and lose his trust in his love relationships. The mindset of these women are very plain and not very experienced, because it appears too late sexual awareness. But do not worry the knowledge and experience of sex will progress if already married. In the household, women are lightening the atmosphere by nature kind-hearted, especially in welcoming her husband after work. The man who became a woman's choice is a brave and resolute man in the establishment.

Breast Forms Bel
The lady owner of the breast that looks like a bell is practical minded people who love and honest. The disadvantage is forgetful and not diligent work. He tried hard to speak and fighting with his own feelings if there is something that makes them angry. This is what makes people think that he is a person who likes hysterical just because a trivial reason. A mysterious appeal, able to attract men but the men were able to be happy.

Small Breasts
This woman can never refuse the request of others. Open nature, able to understand others, and patient, making the woman known as a kind person and a helper. This may arise because of the kindness he likes to meddle in the affairs of others. This woman aspiring to be a wise homemaker for her children. Suitable partner for this woman is a man who has a steady job. Because women can not stand facing prolonged stress. If the stress he would be easily affected by the disease.

It was all just a forecast, whether or not the judge please friend own. Make your prediction becomes a whip to repair themselves. Well congratulations mirror ;)