6 Ways to Make Small Breasts (Visible) Bigger

6 Ways to Make Small Breasts (Visible) Bigger

Women will be more confident if you have large breasts, but if they have small breasts? no problem, there are a few tips to bust look bigger.

Upright body position
upright position to make breasts bigger. you have to get used to doing activities with sturdy body, not membungkuku, such as when sitting, standing, and walking. position is not lifted or dropped shoulders and chest swelled fore. do it as natural as possible. This method is also believed to make the body become slim.

focus on waist

Slim waist will make the breasts more visible and prominent. compare if you have a wide waist, as if small breasts. for it lakukakan bberapa exercise can help burn calories at the waist and hips.

Exercise the muscles of the upper

By doing exercises at the top of the chest muscles will tend to rise and toned. you can do push-ups exercise in 3 sets of 15 repetitions each day.

Select and wear the right bra

That make small breasts look down and you are wearing a bra. to measure the circumference of your breasts again and use the right bra . when buying a bra to try it out first try. if you choose a bra that is well capable of supporting the breasts, then the bra fits.

Make sure the bra also has a material is comfortable to wear and easy to absorb Keringant.

Instant way to make breasts look bigger is to choose a special bra.

a. Push up bras

Push up bras are designed to lift the breasts and put them together so it looks more sexy cleavage . Generally sponge bra is made of a special material that can lift comfortably and safely , so as not to leave the pain.

b. Padded bra

If push-up bras support the breasts from underneath, padded bras support the breasts of all parts. Spongenya thickness usually make breasts look as big when wearing clothes. But, usually women no longer feel comfortable with this kind of bra, unless he was going to wear a party dress closed and give the body a more beautiful appearance.

c. gel bra

Gel bras are usually made ​​of air or water that is stored in the silicone gel. And support the breast well as natural.

Unfortunately, this bra gel prices tend to be more expensive than both the bra on top. Moreover, the treatment is also a bit tricky, because it can not be stored in damp areas.

Wear clothes with accessories chest

Avoid choosing a dress V-shaped, and select just the clothes with a variety of ruffle or lace at the chest . Or if you are a plain dress, then wear a necklace that makes the top of the multi- look full.

This will affect the visualization on your chest so memorable greater.

Even so, you should realize that health is more important than appearance. Thus, the first priority of your breast health.