6 Tips to Keep Your Breasts Healthy

6 Tips to Keep Your Breasts Healthy 

Breast is one of the members of the girl's body that should receive special attention in order to function optimally, both biologically (nursing) and aesthetic (still beautiful and toned). Breasts are beautiful and healthy looks solid and plump contains course. Breast growth is strongly influenced by hormonal factors, nutrition, weight loss, sports or activities, as well as genetic. Usually breasts will begin to show the current infancy girl has entered puberty before puberty although normal breast growth if it is found. This growth will show the shape and size and firmness. At the beginning of this kind of breast care should have been realized and performed.

1. Perform Hydro Massage
Mechanical means of hydro massage is one very effective way at all to avoid wrinkles that occur in the breast area. The hydro massage you can do yourself. How hydro massage is to massage the breast that had previously been washed first with cold water,
then massage in a clockwise direction for approximately 10 minutes. You can give special attention to the area and the armpit crease under the breast area. The hydro massage function for the flow of blood circulation and can tighten the breast.

2. Perform Massage With Milk Ice Cubes
In addition to the above hydro massage, you can do massage using milk that has been frozen first. The trick, massage the breast with the use of ice cubes milk, but that should be remembered is that you have to do it slowly, because the breast skin is very sensitive at all. This method is very useful to soften, to enlighten and to tighten the breast.

3. Perform Sports
People who are healthy and have the body shape is usually a routine exercise. Similarly, in order to treat breast remains taut. Be diligent to do push- ups because it is very useful to tightness in the muscles in the breast. Another sport that is firmer breasts using a barbell. Lie down, then bend your knees and begin to lift weights that have been adapted to the severity of your ability to lift it using both hands simultaneously. then pull down the hand slowly. This movement should be repeated up to 10 times.

4. Cream Bust
How to treat breast using breast creams are often done by girls who want to be toned and beautiful breasts. But do not pick the cream prior consultation with a doctor.

5. Adequate rest and balanced nutrition
It can not be underestimated because after these two things will help you in order to balance hormonal function in keeping the breast growth hormone can be optimized.

            Good luck and if you are still in doubt, it may be consulted with a doctor or an expert.