5 Things That Make Men Like Women's Breasts

5 Things That Make Men Like Women's Breasts

Breast is the most valuable asset for a woman. because it has a beautiful and sexy breasts can help women to attract men.
The following are some of the things that cause a man very interested in the female breast:

1. Breasts makes men fantasize
When men look at women's breasts are large then there will be a fantasy to a woman's breasts.

2. Breasts can soothe men
When men look at breasts, it will be little remembered childhood when his mother was still breastfeeding . will recall childhood with his mother would make sense of calm.

3. Tenderness
Breast tenderness in women can not be felt in other parts. This is the reason why men like breasts.

4. Breasts symbol of sexiness
Women with large breasts are beautiful and would be preferred by men , because he assumes the breast is a symbol of sexiness.

5. Keys passionate woman
Men know very well the weakness of women in bed, quite touching, stroking and suck enough to make a woman aroused.

That's a few reasons that make men like women's breasts.