5 Causes That Make Your Breast Pain

5 Causes That Make Your Breast Pain

5 Causes That Make Your Breast Pain

Breast is one part of the body that is very valuable for women, so special care is often used in order to awake breast health. however, unwittingly women often experience breast pain their section they perceive as a matter of course as at the time of going to menstruate.
Do you know if the pain in payuara can arise not only because it would menstrual period, but can also be caused by disease. so you should be aware of breasts often arise when section pain.

To that end, the women must understand what causes that cause the pain. there are some things which cause breast pain:

1 . Cysts Breast

Not just any pain caused by breast cysts, lumps of water also appears on the breast area. Breast cysts can be dangerous but also not dangerous. but there if you can experience it checked by a doctor. Breast cyst usually occurs in women aged 35-50 years old.

2 . Costochondritis
This disease is a type of inflammation that occurs between the ribs and sternum, but the pain can be felt in the breast area. pain being inflicted can be severe.

3 . Fibrocystic
Fibrocystic breast shape is a process of change in women so that when enlarged breasts will cause pain . because they do not have to worry because it is not harmful to health.

4 . Breasts as water storage
Breasts are also suspected as a storage place ai in women, which is still under study. but it has been proven that breast is able to store enough water to cause pain. This is usually harmless.

5 . Herpes Zoster
Herpes zoster is quite dangerous for health. marked by begin to feel pain around the breast followed by the pain as burning and itching. If you experience immediately consult a physician.

5 diseases that may cause breast pain. If you are experiencing pain and get to the doctor to maintain your health.