11 Interesting Facts About Breasts

11 Interesting Facts About Breasts

11 Interesting Facts About Breasts

Breast is one of the organs of the upper body of a woman who is very precious and priceless. Female breast has its own function and has a very important role in the lives of women.

Has a typical woman's breasts with breast which is owned by men, and this is what distinguishes men and women. In addition, a woman's breasts as well as a source of organs for the life of the offspring.

Not many people understand the facts about breast which is owned by women because a woman's breasts to save the facts are indisputable.

1. Breast versus age .

Breast growth along with the growth of age. For example, at the age of 20 years , the breast is composed of fat, glands that produce milk and collagen. At that age, your breasts will feel/look tight and elastic. And when a woman is getting older, glands and collagen began to disappear, so that the components contains fatty breasts. This is why women at age 35 years and over greater risk of breast cancer risk.

2. Breast stimulation .

Just as the male genital organs, breasts will harden when stimulated. Breasts are very sensitive to sexual stimulation. According to the study, these conditions make the enlarged breast size by about 25% during sex. This occurs due to hormonal changes.

3. Weights breast.

Normal breast weighs about 500 grams. Each breast contributes about 4% to 5% of total body fat and accounts for approximately 1% of total body weight.

4. Production of milk.

A woman's breasts produce milk which tastes sweeter than cow's milk. Breast milk contains colostrum, a lot of vitamin E, iron, and fatty acids.

5. Larger left breast.

No woman has perfect breasts and symmetrical between left and right. Usually your left breast is slightly larger than the size of the breast kanan. Kadang Sometimes this difference can be seen with the naked eye. The shape may be slightly different. However, until now no one knows what causes it.

6. Having fine hair, blackheads or pimples.

Many women have fine hair around the nipple (areola). It is quite normal, because in the area there are hair follicles. If you get annoyed with the hair can be removed (shaved), without any side effects (risk) of any kind. Not infrequently, the nipple areola area is often plagued fatty blackheads or pimples.

7. Breast implants.

More than 2 million women have fake breasts. This figure shows that many women who pay attention to their breasts. But the fact is, not all women perform breast surgery were satisfied with the results obtained. Research shows that the average age of women who use the implant was 34 years old.

8. Soreness when shaken.

Female breast will become uncomfortable when shaken. A number of activities such as jogging, walking, and aerobics can cause shocks in the breast. Therefore, wearing the right bra size, either in the cup or the circumference of your body, it is in order to minimize the shock motion around the breast. Appropriate bra size not the greatness or smallness, will protect from breast pain.

9. Breasts can change shape.

It sounds a bit strange, but the prone position during sleep is believed to be able to change the shape of the breast. It is important to always keep the sleeping position in the right conditions so as to maintain firmness.

10. Breasts firmer and pain during PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Pain in the breast or breast that feels enlarged before and during menstruation is normal and harmless, if the pain does not occur continuously. This happens because of changes in the hormone estrogen .

11. Breast massage can make uterine contractions.

In the last trimester pregnant women (the day of birth) gentle massage of the breast, particularly in the nipple area can stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin which will cause uterine contractions. Hormones produced are believed to stimulate uterine contractions, so it can be helpful for pregnant women who are waiting for HPL (Estimated Birth Day) so the baby was born on time or in the case of infants born late HPL. how to make boobs grow